The Trustees meet approximately three times a year to consider grant applications.

Application Process

There is no specific form that needs to be used by applicants. Requests for support should be made by email to and should include:

  • a clear explanation of your proposals and the intended outcomes that will be obtained in the event of your receiving grant support from the Trust
  • appropriate financial Information regarding the proposal (usually an income and expenditure account)
  • a scanned copy of your most recent Annual Report and Accounts
  • a note of your Scottish charity reference number
  • confirmation that a statement of the outcomes of the grant aid will be supplied within six months after completion of the project.

Grant Conditions

Grant aid from the Trust may only be applied in connection with the purposes for which it was awarded.

Any grant monies received from the Trust are expected to be spent within twelve months of the date on which payment was made. Any unused monies after that time are refundable to the Trust at the discretion of the Trustees.

Organisations benefitting from Trust support are expected to acknowledge that support in their Annual Report and in any literature, publicity or site notices relating to projects and activities funded by the Trust.